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I am Zooey Zara. Your Girl Friday.

I am a reputable, established, highly-reviewed Los Angeles based companion, provider, artist. Known by many names.

I’m a carefully crafted anomaly. I believe in aliens. I live to see spectrums of color.

I may sound weird, but I promise, I’m kind.

Interested in living the fullest life, ending injustice, and giving love.

Are you my people? I truly hope so.

Please peruse my site, learn what you like.
And definitely don’t be shy.


courtesan in Los Angeles

In my many readings, I’ve been introduced to an array of archetypes. One I find particularly gravitational is that of the ‘Girl Friday.’

If we consult our handy-dandy dictionaries, we see a ‘Girl Friday’ is:

1. A helper, especially to a business executive;
2. A ‘go to’ girl;
3. A ‘jack of all trades’ who is capable of doing almost anything.

I am Your Girl Friday! I’ve trained for this; my body is modified to handle it; I am eagerness incarnate. I want to share with you what I have learned – my studies and travels, while massively satisfying, were not frivolous. The toys I’ve acquired, the clothes I’ve clawed, the tips I’ve noted in my dear little diary have been artfully assembled in/on one Zooey-sized package.

I know what you are looking for and I want to give it to you. I want to be your ‘go-to’ girl for anything and everything. And maybe…just maybe…you could explore the world through me?

A world in which I have given up.

I’ve given up the forced-traditional, overly-expected, boring-et-blasé, languid language, and confinement in all forms (non-BDSM related). I’ve taken up fun and finally come to terms with my hedonism. I’m unapologetically in love all the time and constantly wanting to give it out. And I am so very American because I honestly believe I can do anything.

A world inspired.

I am the girl you hole up with for sleepless nights of records, art books, sketchpads, nudey mags – & for us Californians – mother Mary Jane.

I am the girl you stare into and the girl who stares right back.

I am the girl who can always point out Polaris…Orion, Taurus, the Big & Litter Dippers, and so.

And I’d really love to meet you. Feel free to call me, Zo.


all natural VIP Escort in Los Angeles

Age | 34 (Upcoming November Birthday!)

Height | 5’10”

Weight | 130

Pant size | 26, Small

Dress size | 6, Small

Bra size | 34C, Natural

Shoe size | 9

Hair | Brunette

Eyes | Brown

Piercings | Ears, navel, nipples

Ink | None

Home base | Los Angeles

Traveler | Passport Ready

Sexuality | A lover

Education | Grad in something legal. Undergrad in something literary.

Status | Independent escort



There’s nothing like that exhilarating feeling of a deep, connected, and intimate attraction. Your Girl Friday creates an unforgettable Girl Friday Experience in every interaction. Attentive to you all the way through. Below are the recommended and expected donations for my time and energy. Please see the engagements page for further details and experience options.

1.5 hours – 2,000 | An impactful impression
2 hours – 2,500 | A fantastic fling
3 hours – 3,000 | A grand getaway
4 hours – 4,000 | An outstanding outing
6 hours – 5,500 | An enchanted evening
14 Hours – 8,000 | A notorious night
Twenty-four hours – 10,000 | A desirable day
Forty-eight hours – 12,000 | A trip to treasure
Additional days – 3,000
In Date Extensions – 1,000 per hour
Additional $500 for couples


I always enjoy little treasures as representations of our continued influence upon each other. Knowing you’re traveling the world, thinking upon me fondly, is the greatest gift. Wishlists are just too glitchy, but I love gift cards from Carbon38. Please send to [email protected]. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about my preferences or need details for your sweet plans.