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Cuties Coffee is over $9,000/month in funds. This is HUGE! But it is still not enough to keep their doors open.

If they do not meet their Patreon goals by November 1st they will close!

Cuties Coffee is LA’s ONLY LGBTQIA+ coffee shop and community space and we’re in danger of immediately closing. They have become a critical part of the Los Angeles queer community, providing vital services and programming that helps reduce isolation and promotes greater connectivity within our community. In their 1st year of retail business, coming out of slow summer and still paying off capital improvement costs, their cash reserves have been completely depleted. They are asking Los Angeles community members and LGBTIQIA+ beings around the globe to consider donating to their monthly Patreon in order to help keep Cuties open and support the many services we provide beyond a normal coffee shop. Do you enjoy their newsletter? Do you love their Highlighter video series? Do you dig their events? All of that will be gone if they do not reach their goals.

They are also asking everyone to share their Patreon and their campaign video far and wide. Share it on your social media accounts, email it to your friends, send it to your co-workers, your family members. Call up people you know who are allies to the LGBTQIA+ community and ask them to contribute, tell them why this space is needed and why they need to support Cuties. Let people in other states know about it too! Email the Patreon info to people you know in other countries. Tweet at your favorite celebrities: tag them in posts, make cute videos and directly ask them to help YOU save Cuties!

Have you done all of this already? Great! I am asking you to do it again!

Cuties saves lives. Help us save Cuties!

SWOP-LA also wanted to contribute to this fundraising effort by hosting a party called HARMONIA! It was absoutley amazing, and here is a little video I shot during the event. More pictures to come. Please follow SWOP-LA on social media and donate!

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