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My Very First Music Video

Creating. Creation. Making. Doing.

I have so many ideas. I have always had so many ideas and I must say, it has been amazing fun realizing them.

This was not possible before. In my old life. My student life. My first professionally made video debuted last year in May 2016. I shot it right after my finals. Literally hours after I hit submit on my last test.

It was a music video. Completely a collaboration and adorned with original music. “Zooey” was an absolute hit.

That video took a lot of my mental energy. I had mapped, ruminated, and brainstormed semesters long about what my music video would look like. Scene for scene. Shot for shot. Amorous Films was the videographer and editor and he really caught my vision.

Creating art with Amorous Films was a joy, and sadly, we haven’t had a chance to do it again. Mucho sad face! But I hope you enjoy my very first attempt at making a video – cause I do!