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Hello my darling loves!

I know this time has been isolating and that you may be missing the social life you once had pre-COVID. I know that I am nostalgic for a few things, but it has been a trip having to adapt and advance. We only have power over our perspective, so why not try to find the best in every thing in every moment.

One new thing I have taken on is Onlyfans. Ever heard of it? It’s this crazy virtual reality where I get to make content and be compensated for it ^.^ That is a pretty great setup, right? Please subscribe at for exclusive content.

Now, I am not promising daily content. I actually detest selfies and bad iPhone photos. But I love making dirty, lust-provoking art. I have made some amazing content over the last couple of weeks with my best friend Aussie Kim Kay.

Also, onlyfans as a platform has some major glitches and actually delivering you content is quite time consuming. This, in my onion, is a bottle-neck in the whole onlyfans mechanism.

I will, however, try to respond to all of your messages and get you some great stuff while we are social distancing.

Sending you so much love!

Zooey Zara