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Evolution Of A Lady: The Sweetheart (#1)

Zooey Zara - Los Angeles Escort - models for Perry Gallagher. March 2015.

At the age of 28, 2 years seems like ages ago. I mean ages. Hilariously enough, I was watching a comedy special this morning in which a comedian made fun of girls saying, “I was like a completely different person.” I laughed hard and loud, because well, I am a girl who says that – a lot.

When I look at this photo set – FROM MY FIRST EVER PHOTOSHOOT! – I really think that was a completely different Zo. It was, however, I am still very much me.

And that is why I introduce…Evolution of a Lady.

I have worked hard to show you all of myself, and I hope this blog series highlights that ^.^


This shoot was my very FIRST photoshoot. It was March of 2015. At the time, I was a graduate student, dungeon worker, fetish performer, and full-time erotic slave. That really was a whole lotta me ago! Today, I cannot claim any of those titles.

I wanted this photoshoot, however, to capture something…timeless. Something that would transcend circumstance. Some would say, “Oh, my, well, Zooey, that is your beauty.” I would say, “Thank you.” And wish you had said, “Your sweetness.”

I really do believe that “sweetness” is one of my essential elements. I love happiness, to make others happy, to foster it in everything. I’d rather offer smiles on LA streets than grimaces. I love opening doors. Picking up dropped things.


I cannot say exactly how I came across Perry Gallagher – most likely Fetlife – but I was taken by his photos instantly. They are beautiful. They are striking. They are elevating. They capture the essential. These photos were taken in his studio/bedroom, in natural light with minimal makeup. My outfit choices were simple also, and my favorites are actually of me nude. I had never taken nude photos before, and it took so much for me to portray something other than awkwardness in each pose. Perry, being the master he is, was able to calm me down, get me in happy headspace, and shining from within.

I hope you like these. My very first…

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