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Evolution Of A Lady: Finding Sexuality (#2)

Zooey Zara - Los Angeles Escort - models in Los Angeles. Shot by Eric Charles. April 2015. April 2015.

As times just keeps on rolling on, and the need to update one’s photos and relevancy keeps on keeping on, I must say I feel like so much of me has been lost on the internet. Keeping up every photo I’ve ever taken would certainly clutter things up unnecessarily. This blog series – Evolution of a Lady – is a nod to nostalgia. Nostalgia all of two years old. Yes, I am a romantic. So shoot me.


This shoot was one of my very first shoots. It was 2015 and I was a graduate student working in a dungeon. I loved it. There I was a heavy bottom, and enjoyed spanking or tickling or tying hour-after-hour in my dark palace. I performed here, also. On weekends, just Zooey, back then, would dawn the stage to take a beating. Beauty in pain. I was head-over-heels in sexual and masochistic exploration. I was living the books I had read and the dreams I had dreamt. I wasn’t going to let erotica get the best of me.


During one of my outings in Los Angeles’s BDSM scene, I came across a most talented photographer – Eric Charles. His photos always captured the sinister and raw sensuality of scenes, dances, exchanges of the night. “Exactly how I remembered it,” I would say when oozing over his Instagram.

Naturally, when I decided to graduate from an over-spanked submissive to independent provider, I ran to him for photos. Ran is an exaggeration. I sheepishly asked if we could shoot, and was elated beyond belief when he agreed. Nervousness, oh, nervousness thy name was Zooey!


I was so nervous about what Zooey Zara would become. Who it was that I would be creating and sharing with the world – hopefully 😉 (I do not have short sights!)

I think when I first posted these photos I entitled the set “Coming Home,” or something of the sort. The ZZ I was attempting to portray was the ZZ who is your girlfriend. The girlfriend waiting for you at home on the average weekend. Your girlfriend with the warm smile greeting you. Your girlfriend you walk in on soaking up the sun.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them. It was such a learning experience, and it set in motion my desire to capture more and more images. To tell more and more of myself visually.

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