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Evolution Of A Lady: Beach Babe (#4)

Zooey Zara: Beachbabe

This blog series – Evolution of a Lady – is a nod to nostalgia. However, I’m skipping a bit forward. I have numerous more photosets to share with you, but I wanted to update you on my current look. It’s a New Year! It’s 2018! And my life has changed drastically. I am not longer a graduate student and have taken up veganism. I feel happy to be returning to such an active and healthy lifestyle. I’ve been an athlete for the entirety of my life and am happy to be putting down the schoolbooks…for a bit 😉


This shoot was such a trip! I shot this just last month, in December of 2017 in Malibu, CA. Matador Beach, to be exact ^.^ The weather was perfect, the sun was shining. While the rest of the country battled snow, I soaked up the rays. My objective with this shoot was to express my active, beach-loving self. I have always been a water baby and the ocean has always called me to her. I could never live far from away from the waves.


Max Thompson is someone that I have followed on Instagram and Twitter for a long time. I was interested in working with him, and reached out. His response was so kind and accepting, and professional. He suggested the location and I gathered wardrobe, and I think we made some magic! I absolutely love what we captured. I love my smile and I hope it makes you smile, too ^.^

I really hope you enjoy these newbies and please check out my beginnings by reading about my first ever shoot here!

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