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At this time, I correspond through email platforms only, preferably encrypted platforms like Protonmail.
In your email request, please include all required verification and personal information.
Feel free to share about yourself and include any and all inquiries.
Do also share your most recent references and location preferences.

EMAIL ME AT [email protected]


There’s nothing like that exhilarating feeling of a deep, connected, and intimate attraction. Your Girl Friday creates an unforgettable Girl Friday Experience in every interaction. Attentive to you all the way through. Below are the expected donations for my time and energy only.

One and a half hours – 2,000 | An impactful impression

Two hours – 2,500 | A fantastic fling

Three hours – 3,000 | A grand getaway

Four hours – 4,000 | An outstanding outing

Six hours – 5,500 | An enchanted evening

Fourteen – 8,000 | A notorious night

Twenty-four hours – 10,000 | A desirable day

Forty-eight hours – 12,000 | A trip to treasure

Additional days – 3,000

If you are interested in extended dates, trips, or arrangements please email me with your plans. I am passport ready and absolutely love to travel. A superb travel companion, I’d love to join you anywhere.


What if I do not have REFERENCES?

If you do not have any references, please feel free to still contact me. I will try to verify you, although the process is a little more in-depth.

What happens when we MEET?

I will ask for your identification (ID). When you come to me (incall), I will ask you to freshen up. Please make sure you have presented the envelope clearly before entering the restroom. I absolutely love receiving envelopes with my name written on it. ZZ. Or a clever combination therein. If I am visiting you (outcall), please leave the envelope in the restroom and invite me to freshen up upon arrival.

Can we EXTEND appointments?

This is subject to my schedule at that time, but the time will seem to just fly by when we’re together. Please do plan ahead if this is something you are anticipating.

Are you comfortable with COUPLES?

J’aime l’amour a trois! Couples are my favorite and I am happy to meet with the newly exploring couple as well as the decadent duo. Please add 200/hr to the donation for couples.

Are you comfortable with LADIES?

I love women! I am absolutely fluid and think it is a unique, yet natural, experience to enjoy and explore a woman’s fantasies, desires, and needs. Whether you’re venturing into a new erotic exploration into the lady fairyland, or have already familiarized yourself with the delicious decadence of women before, I am happy to be your companion on this most lovely adventure.

Do you have any GIRLFRIENDS?

Oh, I have the most lovely lady friends! These ladies are truly wonderful, and I am always excited to spend time with them and you together. Please let me know which town you are would like to see me in, and I can send you my top recommendations.

Are you KINKY? 

Oh, absolutely! Please tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine. I am erotic explorer, and much of this exploration has taken place within the realms of kinky, fetish, BDSM, D/s, M/s, and 24/7 long-term relationships. Whether you’re beginning your inquiries into kink, or are well-versed in what gets you so off, I will try my darnedest to accommodate and fulfill you. Please note that not every encounter requires a kinky element. This would be entirely exhausting anyhow. However, if there is something special you’d love to do with moi, let’s absolutely go there.

I’m not in LA, can you TRAVEL to me?

I am available for travel depending on my schedule. Please contact me with your plans. I love day trips, long excursions, dinner dates, nights at the opera, and the theater. I love getting my eyes opened to new beauties and am always open to new experiences. Your Girl Friday can accompany you anywhere 🙂 I have my passport ready!

I would like to keep you for a MONTH or longer.

Why, what a proposal ^.^ Long-term arrangements are currently my most preferred and desired style. An avid student and academic, I am currently working on a couple of legal research projects that are drawing much of my attention. If we have met and gotten along, and you are looking for something a little more reliable, please do reach out with your proposal and ideas.

Do you provide REFERENCES?

Absolutely! Please do let me know if you would like me to act as a reference as I respect our private time together. Unless I receive this permission I will not relay your information.