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A GUIDE: Book A Date with An Escort (By Isobel Andrews)

Sometimes, something so beautiful is created, and I am so overwhelmed with happiness, that I must share it. Isobel Andrews, a Toronto-based sex worker, tech entrepreneur, and all-round sassy babe (who you can follow on Twitter at @lafemmeisobel or her site at assembled “a handy, step-by-step guide to booking a date with an escort.” And my word, it is spot on!

Please check out the published article on!

Please do read the quoted article below and follow along if you are new or thinking about scheduling a date with me. Honestly, first impressions make all the difference in my world, and introducing yourself along with the appropriate information and niceties will surely get you a timely response.

A simple guide — with pictures!

Booking a date with an escort can seem like a daunting task. Many of us have different screening and booking requirements, and trying to navigate this world can be challenging, not to mention intimidating.

I got a lot of positive feedback on my recent article on how to be an awesome client, so I’ve compiled this handy infographic on the step-by-step process of snagging a date with a sassy babe.

1. Read. Once you’ve settled on a companion, read the website or ad thoroughly. Pay attention to screening requirements, etiquette, rates, and ways to contact.

2. Prepare your info. If you’ve seen other escorts and want to use them as references, contact them ahead of time and provide their contact information. Or you might be asked to provide an ID, employment verification, LinkedIn profile, or other form of screening. Have this handy.

3. Plan ahead. Have at least one option for the day, time, and length of the booking, and contact the escort well ahead of that day.

4. Compose your email. A great email includes all the required information (which you know because you read the website and ad!), is polite and well-written. Here’s an example.

“Hi Isobel,

My name is Bob and I would like to book an appointment with you. I found you on Twitter and liked your smile. I’d like to see you this coming Tuesday (August 28th) at 7pm for 3 hours at your location.

My references are Ms. Emily at and Ms. Lacey at My LinkedIn profile can be found at

Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to meeting you!


This email is awesome because it:
Is specific in the appointment request.
Is polite and well-written.
Provides the required screening information, along with the contact info of the references.

5. Confirm the appointment. Once the date is set, confirm the appointment the day before so everyone knows things are still a go and address details can be sorted out.

6. Prepare for the appointment. Read my handy article on how to be a great client for tips and tricks to be even more amazing.

7. Enjoy! Relax and have a great time with your date!


I hope you find this helpful and informative, and I so look forward to meeting you soon!


Zooey Zara